College Prep Program

College Prep Program is offered to provide guidance in the process that is in front of your kids and families.

The program consists of team workshops (exact dates and venues to be announced), with follow-up sessions.  The aim at these team sessions will be for players to go through the process of school selection based on multiple criteria (academics, location, public/private, costs, athletics, etc.).

Furthermore, we have identified a list of college-showcase tournaments and will aim that all of our older teams go to them together, putting themselves in front of the eyes of college coaches.

This goes along with the college-ID camps/ clinics that have been identified for our players and encouraged to attend; coaches from multiple schools attend and ID players for their programs at such recruiting events.

We hope that with formulating such a collegiate-pathway program with general information (college night), but also specific targeted efforts (college advisory program) and getting the players in front of the college coaches through showcases and ID camps, we can provide an opportunity for our players to be noticed and recruited.

Date:  TBD
7:00 PM – 8:30 PM 
Location – TBD

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