What MYG will do

The object of the “Gunners College Prep Program” is to begin at the earliest ages of development with a specific soccer curriculum and academic goals. This step-by-step plan will help your child develop the necessary level of soccer skills needed to play at the high school and college level. Once players have the skills, we will work to get them exposed to college programs across the nation.

  1. We will help your child develop an online college profile for college coaches.
  2. Help create videos geared to attract college coaches’ interest.
  3.  Get to display their talents on the field in front of college coaches.
  4. Our coaching staff will even help in contacting schools that might suite your child’s ability.
  5. We will also present college nights, where college coaches, players and counselors will discuss how to achieve success as a collegiate student athlete.
  6. Of course, the “X Factor” in any plan of this nature is the desire, commitment, and ability that players and parents display. Success requires hard work.


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