Private Training

Private Training Offered through Zalgiris School of Soccer

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Designed to improve aspects of players’ development on an individualized level.  This program focuses on areas of the game that can’t be taught in a large group setting.

What Players Gain?

Confidence: using the player’s strength to build on, encouragement is used to enhance abilities as a platform to build success.


Fundamentals: basic skills always reviewed, rehearsed as they are the building blocks for growth.

Mental Strength: players are taught to accept/ embrace failures as great learning opportunities to accomplish mental toughness.  Consistent positive responses to challenges result in desired achievement.

Physical  Strength: All sessions contain soccer specific fitness, movement, designed to build muscles memory and fully prepare the body for the most physically demanding activities.

Soccer IQ: Situation recognition is studied in detail, to improve decision making; see it before it happens!

Z-School Structure

Z-School Enrollment (subject: Z-School)

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